About Us

Ballarat & District Cleaning Services paves the way for superior cleaning.

From sturdy beginnings, Robert Macdonald has been in the cleaning industry for over 8 years servicing homes, businesses, retailers and more to their upmost sheen.

Taking his industry experience, he decided opening his own business was an exciting new venture for the future; and so Ballarat & District Cleaning began with the sole objective of delivering outstanding value on a truly high-quality product and service.

Being one of many on the market, what sets us apart is our integrity, honesty and reliability. We take pride in our work and efficiency and don’t leave you hanging.

We’re on time and we get the job done, we remain in contact with our clients to provide them the best in capable cleaning.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing customers and clients with an experience like no other.

Our consistent, company-wide evaluations and years of experience with a number of reputable businesses and clients assures we understand your needs, and a clean image is everything. Our team works tirelessly to guarantee you the best in cleaning with our industry leading products and services.

For a sparkling reputation, call us today at Ballarat & District Cleaning Service on 0411 139 543

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